• In accordance with CDC and State guidelines, Kick Start Dance Studio has implemented the following
operational guidelines and protocols to ensure a safe environment for our students and faculty.  
• We are all in this together and must do our part to protect one another.  
• Your cooperation in following our safety plan will allow us the opportunity to continue
dancing together in a studio environment and keep our studio thriving. 
• We trust you will follow the safety plan with the utmost respect.  


Students will not attend Kick Start Dance Studio if... In the past 14 days, they have had any symptom/s of COVID-19,
including but not limited to fever, cough, runny nose/nasal congestion, sore throat,
nausea/vomiting, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, muscle aches, loss of appetite,
dizziness/confusion, abdominal pain, &/or skin, rashes/discoloration of fingers & toes.  
Virtual Class options are available for students or teachers who are unable to attend in person due to having
one of the above symptoms, but feel well enough (a mild head cold, sniffles, etc.) to still dance/teach
at home in a safe area. Virtual Class options are  also offered and encouraged for
those students not ready to return to in-studio classes. 

Students will not attend Kick Start Dance Studio if… They or anyone they live with has tested positive for COVID-19 and have not
yet been cleared to discontinue isolation in accordance with applicable criteria communicated by public health officers. 

Students will not attend Kick Start Dance Studio if… In the past 14 days, they have had close contact with a person who, to their knowledge,
had symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19 & have not yet been cleared to discontinue isolation in accordance
with applicable criteria communicated by public health officers; or they are currently subject to a quarantine or self-isolation order.


Kick Start Dance Studio will require students, faculty, & staff to wear masks or face coverings at all times when at the studio.

• TOUCH-LESS GREETINGS: No handshaking, hugs or high 5's.

Hand sanitize each time you enter & exit the studio.  Avoid touching face & cough or sneeze into arm.

• ONLY STUDENTS may enter the studio.
Parents, siblings, or family members are asked to wait in their vehicles for their children unless class size is small enough.
Please refrain from dropping off students too early or picking up late. 

Come ready in your dance clothes as restroom use should be limited.
Limit any non-dance related belongings you bring with you and bring only dance shoes, water bottle/s, & small
valuables into the studio. Cleaning supplies will be available to wipe down your personal belongings after class if you wish. 

We will safely disinfect the studio during our scheduled Enhanced Cleaning breaks. Faculty/staff will also wipe down
high traffic surfaces between each class (barres, door handles, restrooms, personal belonging areas).

Our studio classes will be limited to 3-8 students.
​This will allow for mandated social distancing. 

All forms/waivers will be emailed and payments will be made through the Studio Director Online Portal. All classes
must be booked ahead of time by notifying us at meghann@kickstartdance.org. If you need to
schedule a make-up class or wish to do a trial class, 24 hrs notice must be given via email.

Items left behind will be removed from the studio after each class & donated when safely possible.

If a positive case is reported to the studio, the class in which the infected student/teacher participated will become a
virtual class for a period of two weeks. Please communicate to us as soon as you are aware of
​positive results or symptoms so we can notify (with respect to privacy) the rest of the class.

Thank you for your cooperation & we appreciate your support!
Meghann & Lynne & the Kick Start Community



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